Computer Programming

Computer programming is exceptionally important because much of our world will heavily rely on machine learning and AI. We need to be able to harness the computing power in order to control the interaction between people and machines.The computer programming at DeRin will help students to get the initial awareness on computer programming and its fundamentals. The goal of the programming courses is to improve the students’ logical thinking and problem solving ability  through real-world coding practices with different languages, hands-on projects and participating computer programming contests.  


Our Teachers 

Annie is a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. She has over 9 years of teaching experience working with children and youth and has completed 20 months of internships in various tech roles in software development and product management. She is passionate about tech outreach and helping more students learn to code. When she’s not studying or playing with her cat, you can find Annie working on Project Tech Conferences, a Canadian Charity that provides students with opportunities to learn about technology. She is excited to share her love for coding with motivated students in the Waterloo community!


Alex is a 2nd year student in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, and received the UW's R. G. Stanton national scholarship for $18,000 dollars. He has been competing in mathematics contests since grade 2 and computer science contests since grade 7, with achievements including top 1% in Euclid and CCC, CCO bronze medal, and two-time Repechage qualifier in the COMC. He also has various other experiences, such as competing in the Ontario provincial high school debate tournament. In high school, he led and taught the math club in grade 12 and CS club in grade 11 and 12, preparing students for contests run by the UW such as the Euclid, CSMC, and CCC. 

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