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The vision of DeRin Education is to create an enrichment learning environment in which students of all ages can develop to their fullest potential. Our mission is to provide enriched and rigorous curricula, such as debate, public speaking, book talk, storytelling, writing, Model UN and enrichment program to these high achievers. These programs all exceed current educational standards and will challenge young minds and build confidence by opening up new ways of thinking, learning, analyzing and perceiving. In order to provide better education service, DeRin Education will continuously refine and remodel our programs based on feedback from students, parents and teachers. DeRin will consistently:

  • Cultivate, lead, and inspire critical thinkers and expert communicators
  • Deliver challenging and exciting enrichment curriculum
  • Foster a love of learning and fuel students’ curiosity and quest for knowledge
  • Help students realize and maximize their potential

We believe our students will become more confident at school and be well-prepared for the future challenges in colleges, daily life and work places. The ultimate goal of DeRin education is to help your child realize his or her most ambitious aspirations and help them to fulfill their dreams. Eventually they will learn how to think for themselves and use their voices.

Director of DeRin Education: Dr. Heidi Z. Yao

Graduated from University Waterloo (Doctor's degree), McMaster University (Master's degree)  and Tianjin University (Dual B.Eng), Dr. Yao used to work as a research scientist in a pharmaceutical company in Toronto and a researcher at University of Waterloo for over one decade. She is the holder of the prestigious NSERC scholarship (CGSD) and the mentor of a high school student (now a Princeton alumnus) who won first prize at Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada, and most importantly, a passionate educator. She is a strong believer that every kid has a dream to pursue. The job of parents and/or educators is to provide them the most suitable platform and watch them fulfill their dreams and reach their goals with a hardworking and joyful attitude.

She believes that reading plays a critical role in a child's life. Once children are truly engaged in reading, they start to experience many developments in different traits of their personality. Academic excellence, concentration, enhanced vocabulary and empathy are just some of the numerous benefits of reading. Motivated by a simple idea 'to discover the right books from local library for kids', she co-founded aboutread.com. After manually adding about 10,000 libraries and more than 2000 book recommendation lists, she has the confidence to recommend books to children at different age groups.

She also believes that kids need spending enough time playing sports, which is a great way for them to take a break from academics. It also helps them lead to fuller and happier lives as regular sports activities provide not only physical benefits but also social and psychological benefits to children, such as discipline, social skills, patience, perseverance, accept defeat, teamwork, lifelong habits, etc.

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Phone: 226 339 6498

Email: heidiyao@derinedu.com

Address: 435 King Street North, Waterloo


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