Public speaking

Public speaking is considered as one of the most important life skills. The goal of our public speaking program is to help young speakers become comfortable at standing in front of others and expressing an idea clearly. This program is designed for kids in Grade 5-8. They will learn the principles of public speaking (prepared and impromptu), including effective delivery, being persuasive, and writing speeches. This program serves as a good foundation to debating and class presentations. A session of public speaking classes will enable the students to develop important skills that will help them in and outside of school, which include:

Organizing and structuring a talk
Effective body language
Presentation and delivery strategies
Speech writing and voice coaching
Engaging audience and keeping their attention
Effective use of humor
Adjusting one’s speech based on audience

Winter term 2020 Schedule

Intermediate class   (Students who completed beginner's class )  (Full)

5:00-6:30  on Sundays from Jan. 12 to May 3 ,  13  lessons in total, No classes on Family day weekend (Feb 16) and March Break weekends (March 15 and 22) and and Easter Sunday (April 12)

Beginner class  (Grade 5-8, no experience is required) (Full)

6:45-8:15  on Sundays from Jan. 12 to May 3,  13 lessons in total, No classes on Family day weekend (Feb 16) and March Break weekends (March 15 and 22) and Easter Sunday (April 12)

Please fill this form to register DeRin's Beginner public speaking program (8-10 kids)

Fall 2019 Schedule

Beginner's class  

First class ( Grade 5/6/7 students, no experience required)  (Full)
Second class ( Grade 5/6/7 students, no experience required)  (Full)

M.Collins  grew up in the small town of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador where she graduated first in her class. She moved to Ontario in 2016 to attend the University of Waterloo to pursue an Honors degree in Biomedical Engineering having won the 2016 Schulich Leader Scholarship valued at $80,000.00. Throughout high school, she competed in over 20 public speaking competitions at the regional, provincial and national level in both English and French. She competed at the National Canadian Parents for French competition on two occasions, and at the Skills Canada National Prepared Speed competition for three consecutive years. At Skills Canada, she is a two-time National Bronze Medalist (2014&2015) and won the National Gold Medal in 2016. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has learned throughout her competition experience with her students!

D. Loyd  is a children’s educator, author and storyteller. As an E.C.E. professional for over 30 years, she has extensive teaching experience with children of all ages and abilities. Deb is also trained in theater arts and understands the importance of igniting the creative spark in children. She is passionate about encouraging kids to explore their imagination through creative writing and telling their stories.

She is the founder of the “Enlighten Up” series of workshops and continues to be excited about sharing her ideas with academic and corporate audiences everywhere. As a professional speaker and humorist, Deb inspires people to laugh more and rediscover the joy of life!

As the past owner of “Dramantics”, a drama school for children, Deb inspired many young actors to perform skits they wrote themselves. Building self-esteem was always the goal and she took great pride in helping children learn to express themselves with confidence and clarity.

As a storyteller, Deb is thrilled to share her children’s audio CD entitled “Deb’s Story Time adventures” with kids and their parents. These original stories entertain as well as nurture a child’s imagination.


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