Guidance Program

Most parents have experienced the daily after-school battle to get their kids to sit-down and do their homework because there are so many distractions such as TV, social media, computer games, phone apps and etc. 

Several tips for regular homework routine could be like:

 1) Make a To Do list, which allows kids have a feeling of ownership, self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.
 2) Set up a schedule for homework and keep it relatively consistent, which helps to build a good time management skill.
 3) Set aside a special place in the house for homework and make sure it is kept tidy.

However, these tips are easier said than done. With all the distractions in daily life, some kids tend to  forget or spend less effort on their homework. Most parents find that monitoring kids doing homework can be very stressful sometimes. Therefore, DeRin designs a homework guidance program for Gr. 1-8 kids with the goal to help them to form a good study habit before they enter high school.

In order to make sure the kids complete homework on time, students are required to attend online one-on-one meeting each week, in the meeting the mentor will discuss your study goal  and record the progress of school work and tasks related to extracurriculars such as music, math, sports, programming, languages arts, and etc.  If the student does not have regular homework , the mentor will assign proper homework for the kid. For student at grade 7 and 8, the school exam grades will be recorded so that the kids would have a clear goal what they need to improve in next exam. 

In order to pinpoint your child needs, the mentor will design an individual learning plan for your child by providing the following services: 
  • Meet each student every week to discuss the progress of the ongoing homework, exams, quiz's 
  • Discuss things need to improve and make a plan for next week.
  • Assign books to read each week and make a reading log so that the kids will form a good reading habit.
  • Record the grades for students at grade 7-8 and make a study plan for next exam.
  • Mentor-parent meeting on a monthly basis to update the progress of their kids

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