Guidance Program

In today’s increasingly competitive world, students often find themselves juggling heavy workloads from demanding coursework and extracurricular activities with their personal interests and hobbies. This “hustle culture” has left many with increased stress levels, fear of failure, and even burnout. Most parents may have experienced the daily after-school battle to get their kids to sit-down and do their homework because there are so many distractions such as TV, social media, computer games, phone apps and etc.

Therefore, DeRin designs a guidance program for Gr. 5-11 kids with the goal to help students develop a healthy study habit through:
  • Exploring practical techniques and frameworks that students can easily apply in their own life for effective organization and time management.
  • Inspiring students to set goals and develop healthy routines built on self-reflection and self-accountability.
  • Introducing students to useful technology to enhance their productivity.
  • Providing students with resources (e.g via further reading, sharing of learning resources, etc.) as well as individual support during class time.

What Guidance program offers:

Organization & Management
  • SMART Goals & effective goal setting
  • The AGILE methodology & Intro to Project Management
  • Time management: how to prioritize tasks
Academic Success & Study Habits
  • Memory & Active Recall
  • Note-taking methods
  • Time-blocking, focus, & building study routines
  • Project Management software
  • Tools to minimize distractions
Class Breakdown

Each class will be 90 to 120 minutes in length broken into ~60 minutes of instructional activities and ~30-60 minutes of guided planning time so students can plan their week ahead according to their individual needs, reflect on their progress, and receive 1on1 guidance based on their report card and grades received at their home school.

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