DeRin Policy

1. Requirements for the students:

  • Must be an active learner and love challenges
  • No N in the report card (Learning Skills and Work Habits) (Please provide a photocopy of the  the behavior section in the recent report card when registration)
  • Show respect for coaches, teachers, self and others
  • Come to class on time and prepared to learn and complete assignments as required
  • Put mobile electronic devices away during class hours unless otherwise permitted by the teacher

2. Parents' responsibilities:

  • Ensure to drop off and pick up your kid on time
  • Monitor your child's class work and progress
  • Assist class staff to deal with disciplinary issues when necessary

3. Multi-courses and Sibling Discount Policy

  • For student who registers two or more courses within the same term, there will be a 5% discount applying to the lower-cost courses.
  • For families who have two or more children enrolled at DeRin in the same term, the lower-cost course will receive a 5% discount.

Note: Sibling Discount and Multi-courses Discount can NOT be used together.

4. Class Absence 

Missed lessons due to sickness, vacations or other reasons are not reimbursed or as tuition credit. However,  all efforts are made to provide an opportunity for making up classes within the program, if there is one available. Also, DeRin will try its best to provide reading or writing materials for the missed lessons whenever it is possible.

5. Semesters and Tuition

There are 4 semesters in each calendar year at DeRin: Winter (January to April), Spring  (May to June) ,  Summer (July to August), and Fall (September to December). The tuition can be paid by  email Transfer, Cheque, or Cash.

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