Enrichment Class

What is the area enrichment program

The area enrichment program provided by the Waterloo region school board is a once a week program held at Northlake Woods Public School. The nomination of area enrichment starts from the second term of Grade 3, teachers at each school recommend a few students, then the program committee at the school board will review the recommendations and select a limited number of kids to form one enrichment class. Therefore, a lot qualified kids do not have the chance to attend this enrichment program.

Many parents wonder what the area enrichment class looks like. Based on the introduction listed at the website, ''the overall goal of the Area Enrichment Program is to provide a nurturing, accepting environment where the unique intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs of students who require enrichment programming are fulfilled''. It is known that creativity, critical thinking and presentations are the main focus of this program. DeRin Education believes that most kids should have the opportunity to explore this program. Therefore, we offer a mini enrichment program so that more kids can have some enrichment experience like those kids in the area enrichment program do.

Enrichment program at DeRin

This program is designed for Gr. 5-6 high achievers.  Students are required to effectively use  resources, access and apply information. Eventually, critical thinking, problem solving, researching and presentation skills will be developed through a project-based learning platform.

Requirements for the students

1. Must be an active learner and love challenges
2. No N and S in the report card (Learning Skills and Work Habits)
3. Mostly A in report card

2021 Winter term

6:30-8:15 on Sundays from Jan 3 to April 25,  no class on Family day (Feb 14), 16 lessons

Our teacher

Annie is a BCS and BBA double degree candidate at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. She has over 9 years of teaching experience working with children and youth in areas including public speaking, English, and music. She has had the privilege of developing her public speaking skills through Debate and Model United Nations at both the high school and university levels. In the past year, Annie has joined Toastmasters International where she is currently working towards her second Pathway in her DTM designation. She has also consistently placed top 3 at the club, area, and district level in the International Speech Contest and Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking) Contest. In her free time, you can find Annie honing her public speaking skills at various speaking engagements, playing the piano, and working on her nonprofit organization.

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