Why Kids Need Etiquette Training

The skills that really set people apart professionally, academically and socially are their soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, communication abilities and social awareness. It is widely recognized that 70% of your success is determined by  soft skills, technical competence only accounts for 30% of individual performance success.

Etiquette and protocol education is one of the most tangible ways to enhance and cultivate these powerful soft skills. Etiquette is a set of guidelines for good manners and kindness. Some people argue that the rules for good behavior are old-fashioned and out of date. However, like all other cultural behaviors, etiquette evolves with time change. Nowadays, etiquette has become a combination of good manners, common sense, and rules of conduct. In a busy daily life, people tend to forget these rules which is harmful in terms of maintaining good relationships with others.

It is believed that etiquette is one of the most important life skills kids need to learn before they go to college and work places.

Our Coach

Our Etiquette coach is recognized as Canada Etiquette Expert in Children, Youth, Teens and Business Etiquette. She is the owner and expert host of the newly launched MannersTV.com and the owner of Etiquette Ladies.


 Etiquette training class
Etiquette training class

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