Model UN

The purpose of Model United Nations (MUN) is to increase knowledge about international issues and relationships, policy making and the activities within the real United Nations. By playing the role of United Nations delegate, students will gain valuable skills in public speaking, research, writing, negotiation, powers of persuasion, leadership,  and interpersonal communication.  In this program, students will be introduced to a broad range of topics, such as Economics, Politics,  International Trade agreements, Social Sciences, History and Ethics. Students have the opportunities to attend high school, local and University Waterloo Model UN conferences. The Model UN classes are suitable for Grade 7-12 kids.

2020 Summer term 

Advanced MUN Class  

7:00-9:00 pm on Fridays , July to July 3 to Aug. 21, 98 lessons in total

Our Coach

N. Wallace is the President of the Model UN club at University of Waterloo. She has been actively coaching and organizing Model UN clubs and prepared various Model UN conferences at UW for 2 years.

MUN has been a family for her the five years that she has been involved. As a science student, MUN has given her the chance to diversify my degree and shut off her"science brain", so to speak. The friendships she has created since being in MUN have been so precious and life changing. MUN is an experience that will bring you out of your shell and inspire the inner world-changer in everyone. MUN has taught her so much over the years and has made her a stronger global citizen. No matter what your background is, MUN fever will catch!


First MUN class. Students were very engaged and excited

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